Modern Workspace


Modern Workspace

ISG plc is a dynamic global construction services company. They specialise in fit out, technology, construction and development and are dedicated to delivering places that help people and businesses thrive.

Some of the SIGNUM 7 interior photos of the Microsoft office in Bad Homburg near Frankfurt made it to the German enterprise brochure of ISG plc.

The new office workspace was re-designed according to the “Microsoft Workplace Advantage Concept” which allows very open and flexible usage of the 1300 m2 office space. The challenge in implementing this innovative spatial concept was that the reconstruction over the whole office space was to be completed in just 4 months.

In addition to an office and reception area, conference and relaxation areas as well as single and open-plan offices have been created. The meeting rooms are equipped with the latest communication and collaboration technology to support the work of distributed virtual teams no matter where they are.

To control the noise level in the office very efficient acoustic measures have been implemented. Take a look at the photo prints on the wall. These are very efficient ► acoustic absorbers.