Casa Cook


Casa Cook

Luxury vacation today looks different to the style we still had some years ago.

People want to relax in a very casual way while spending their vacation time, but also have a stylish environment with comfort and some sort of luxury.

On several islands of Greece and soon on Ibiza as well, you will find Casa Cook hotels like the one on the island Kos shown in the pictures below.

The Casa Cook hotels fit seamlessly together but are never the same. Whether framed by a mountain or the sea, you will find inspiration in the surrounding landscapes as much as the local culture.

The Casa Cook style inspires you with architecture and design that feels both cosmopolitan and down-to-earth. To envelop you in soft beauty, full of character and comfort, and surprise with details that may be tiny, but are so thoughtful that you’ll feel you’re in the home of a friend.

Farm to Table

Inspired by the local tradition of sharing and gathering, Casa Cook’s kitchen gives his own twist to Meze plates from Greece and its neighbors. Take your pick from the meats and seafood options, which they grill just right o

It’s all about freedom of choice, so you’ll always find both healthy and indulgent selections. Whether it’s a juicy burger, grilled fish, pasta or a vegan dish, it’s been made with passion and the purest ingredients. We source most from the island’s farms and even grow the herbs right on site.


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